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Welcome to eAUTO™ Electrics --- Electrical & Electronical Parts for Automotive by HMEC.




HMEC® eAUTO™ Electrics
Add: 7-D, 450 Fushan Rd., Pudong, Shanghai 200122, China
Tel: +86-21-60488918
Fax: +86-21-33250332
Mobile: +86-13916121217
Web: www.eAUTO.LTD



eAUTO™ Electrics is a professional Electrical & Electronical Product Line from the Auto Parts Division of HMEC (CHINA) CORP., majors in the Alternators, Starters & other Motors with Components for Automotive Applications.
HMEC has a long history nearly of 30 years for manufacturing & exporting the quality mechanical & electrical products to the global market.
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Alternators & components

Starters & components

Free Wheel Clutch Pulley

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